Brecon and Borders
22 Jun 2013

Sandy is the first foal out of our first section D we showed undersaddle, Sydenham Gooseberry. She was the start of our little stud and one of the favourites. Therefore it is extremely exciting to be showing her first born. We decided to take Sandy to Brecon and Borders for his first show as we knew the rings were good and the showground was quiet.
He was very well behaved all day, on and of the box not seeming to be worried by anything. Then all hell broke loose as the class picked up canter. Sandy thoroughly enjoyed the go around, we think he thought he was back with the "in-hand boys". Unfortunately after this the cheeky chappy stood last.
Thankfully he got his act together and pulled out a lovely show which resulted in him being moved up to 6th. He put a smile on everyones face all day, the same charismatic and playful temperament as his mother!
There is a lot to work on and look forward to but hopefully he can only move upwards!!!