WPCS Performance Show
29 May 2016


We returned to the Performance Show the next day with Dancer and Sandy.

Dancer continued his successful weekend, and was exceptionally well behaved, to win a strong open ridden c class and qualify for the Ringside final!

He then competed in the working hunter pony class and pulled out the bag a lovely clear round and gained a 2nd in good company!


However, once again the star of the show was Sandy (Ringside Game Over).

He has been covering the mares for the last two weeks so we decided to take him out as a practise ready for the RIHS qualifier the next day.
In usual Sandy style, he was extremely well behaved and he won every class he went in, Ringside Open winner, then champion, then Silver Medal Champion and then Overall Supreme Ridden. 

Not a bad days work!


  Pictured below- Ringside Open Ridden Winners:

Section B- Littlebyrom Harry Potter and Liane Evans, Section C- Synod Rain Dancer and Kate and Section D- Ringside Game Over and Alex.