Pembrokeshire County
20 Aug 2014

Alex and her two friends Jess and Sarah decided they were going to have a mid week girly getaway with Sandy! The three of them went to Pembroke County where he was 1st and Welsh Champion winning his second Wpcs Performance medal. That night they attended the party and only just managed to get up to watch Ringside Queen of Hearts in the Olympia qualifier the next day. Bobby went lovely and won her class.
It was then a mad rush for the Supreme having been misinformed the time. Alex threw her showing clothes on whilst the lovely Gemma Rees tacked Sandy up hoping it was the right horse! After galloping down to the main ring, they entered with seconds to spare.
Sandy was called forward for the final three so that they could each do a individual show. It was the biggest Supreme seen at Pembroke in years with many beautiful and succesful ponies, that had qualified for Hoys and even this years Royal Welsh Supreme.
After galloping his heart out unbelievably Alex and Sandy were called forward as Supreme Champions. He really is a one in a million.